Flat Stan First Aid

Flat Stan brings fun First aid courses for children in Bexley and SE London.
Although the emphasis is one of fun, it is important that children feel confident that they have the knowledge and are ready to act in an emergency.
Safety First Welling—are running Flat Stan first aid workshops aimed at 4 to 11 years during school holidays, check out the home page for dates

It is also suitable for delivery as part of a health week at school, via an after school club or even over a lunch time

I am really excited to be offering FIRST AID PARTIES.  These two hour parties incorporate the first aid course with some additional games and everyone will get a party bag to take away


Flat Stan First Aid workshops have been designed to teach children essential life skills, helping them to feel confident in an emergency situation.
A Child friendly Flat Stan manikin is brought to all workshops.
Each child is able to practice techniques such as chest compressions, check breathing and responsiveness during the workshop as well as bandaging and even choking.

Some of the skills they will practice are:

 Chest Compressions
 Check Breathing
 Check Responsiveness
 Help when choking
 Bleeding
 Burns

And with fake blood and bandaging galore what’s not to enjoy?