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Here at Safety First our mission is to empower our clients with the skills and knowledge required to cope with an emergency in the home or workplace because prompt action saves lives.  Our courses are interactive and informative with regular hands on assessment throughout the day.

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Our courses are Accredited and Ofsted Compliant.

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 Course Dates (To book, click on the appropriate course)

Flat Stan First Aid Course 30th July 2018 09:45   & 11:00 .  22nd August 10:00

12 Hour Paediatric First Aid

Blended Paediatric First Aid 14th July

Safeguarding Children and Young people Training 




First Aid Classes | Safety First Welling | Bexley

What Our Clients Think

“xxxx was very particularly grateful for the excellent training yesterday as she was at her niece’s baby shower yesterday (who is 36 weeks pregnant) and she was opening her gifts when all of a sudden she started spasming and had an epileptic fit.  xxxx felt confident enough to assist the other ladies there, keeping her safe and protected and remembering to then lay her down in the recovery position on her left side and call the ambulance etc.  She doesn’t have epilepsy but has been since told that it can happen in pregnancy (it lasted about 3 mins).  Such vital things that you taught us, already been put into practice. A million thank yous from everybody.” April 2018

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very informative.  I have been on quite a few 1st Aid Courses and this was by far the most interesting, I would definitely come again, thank you” Feb 2018

“Brilliant knowledge to have when you have children”

“Great Course, and fantastic that the trainer came to my house to deliver the course to my NCT group.  We’re all about to start weaning so were particularly interested in the choking section – really interesting” Nov 2017

“I really enjoyed the course and felt I learnt alot.” November 2017

“Easily the best course I have attended, it was to the point, didn’t drag and really useful” June 2017

“Keri’s first aid course was extremely helpful for my 5 year old. He learnt some great skills like the recovery position and what to do in case of an emergency, as well as how to deal with minor injuries. Keri covered the basic first aid techniques in a fun manner and she went the extra mile providing some games and activities to keep the little ones focused. We are very thankful for the course and a bit more relaxed knowing our son has now the understanding of what to do in an emergency. Thanks so much Keri.”

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